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Hello My Sadness

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Collaborate production with producer Steve Murano from Germany. Featuring the Nuclear Maniac Mix, Steve Murano Mix and Marc van Linden Remix (OUT NOW ON ARMADA MUSIC).

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"Once appearing, you poisoned my soul. I blindly followed you along the edge of the abyss and fell down. But breaking my wings I learned to love."

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Fuck Me

"Your hands are wandering over my body, your lips are burning me with the fire. You are caressing my breast, sucking my hardened nipples tender and shuffling off my underwear".
From Russia with Love

August 16, 2012

Nuclear Maniac come with the beautifully hopeful "From Russia With Love". Includes the original mix.

Come To Play With My Penis

"I sat like a king in my big, heavy armchair with the wooden armrests. And next to me she sat on the floor. Through a short semi-transparent dress her young tight body shouted and smelt like a flower".
Nightly Moth

July 23, 2012

Filled with emotions and feelings track with shades of the progressive house. Featuring the original mix.


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